A Look At What Recent Graduates Are Saying

A good mediation training program provides the information and role playing required by the Florida Supreme Court and some idea of what you'll be doing as a mediator.  A great mediation training program gives you all of that, and an experience that captures your imagination and inspires you to assist litigants in settling their differences outside the courtroom.  Perry Itkin's program is beyond great because it's not just an academic exercise; it actually equips you to mediate cases in the real world.  Superb materials and a teaching style that wraps information in memorable humor make Perry a world-class instructor.  If you're serious about mediation, Perry is your guy.

Jim Norman, Esquire
Holland & Knight
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I wanted to email you and thank you so much for the wonderful 5-day Family Mediation training I just completed.  The material, the other students, the presenters, and especially you, made the whole 5 day course a really enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying training.  Each day went by so quickly and the last day came so soon.  It makes me realize just how much I love learning.  Furthermore, your course truly made me see that I want to try doing some mediations, and not just focus on parent coordination.  I will absolutely recommend you and your mediation training to anyone who might be interested.  I hope I have the privilege of training with you in the future.

Alison R. Tarlow, Psy. D.

Dr. Alison Tarlow, P.A.
Boca Raton, FL

Please add my name to the long list of people who have complimented Perry Itkin for his mediation training.  The five sessions went by in a blink; Perry's style of teaching is warm, interesting, informative and fast moving.  The sharing of his life's experiences add to the flavor of the experience.  I was actually sad when the training ended and our class spread out to various parts of the state.

If you have the opportunity, sign up - you won't be sorry.  I'm happy to discuss my experience with anyone that would like further insight

Arno Kutner, Esquire
Kutner, Rubinoff & Moss, P.A.
Miami, FL

Thanks for the energy and inspiration that you gave us in teaching us how to become good Mediators.  I have always believed in the importance of having good teachers and mentors, especially in the field of law.  Your course showed us the rules we need to follow and the ethical principles we must adhere to.  Sprinkled in with your teachings and woven through the course was your good humor and wit, a relaxed and enjoyable environment and the pleasure of learning from a top notch professional who taught not only the rules and standards for Mediators but also the psychology and philosophy behind dispute resolution which made us all the wiser.  I consider myself very fortunate to have learned mediation skills from you.  Because you have taken the lead in teaching us this material, you have made the profession better as a whole as well as enabled me to become an excellent Mediator.  Thank you again.

Diana Santa Maria, Esquire
Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A.
& Founder of Bilingual Mediators, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was totally impressed with your ability to keep me (and everyone else) engaged for 5 days.  It is truly a gift that you have.  Your ability to present the course material AND make it fun and interesting is incredible.  Thanks.

Richard I. Polisner, DPM, MJ
Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your time and training over the past week.  You didn't just exceed my expectations, you set a new bar.

Michael Aaron Hoffman, Esquire
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your Family Mediation training was an amazing experience.  Your passion for the Mediation process combined with your high level of expertise and professionalism made this the very best seminar I have ever attended.  Considering that I have been a Mental Health professional for almost 30 years, that's a lot of seminars!

I am thrilled to be a part of the Mediation profession and consider it a privilege to have studied with you.  I look forward to other opportunities to learn with you.  A dear friend and colleague who told me about you said, "He's the best and you'll love him.  Don't take any other seminar".  She was right on all counts.

Judith Lieber, LMHC
Aventura, FL

I cannot thank you enough for the thought-provoking and enriching training experience I just completed with you.  You are one of the best teachers and lecturers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to in a school or conference setting.  I hope that we will stay in touch for a long time.  Thank you.

Victoria E. Brieant, Esquire

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Miami, FL

Your recent Family Mediation training was wonderful and likely will change my life.  As you know, I was only interested in the training in order to be a qualified Parenting Coordinator.  With your expertise and encouragement, I have decided to become certified as a Family Mediator.  In fact, I just got finished scheduling my first mentoring experience.  Thanks for everything.

Mitchell H. Kroungold, Ph.D.

Mitchell H. Kroungold, Ph.D., P.A.
Clearwater, FL

Thank you for the professional manner in which you offered the Circuit Civil Mediation Training.  I have attended several programs; however, none of them came close to presenting the material in a manner which was all inclusive.  And to such a diverse group.  It is so important to present to an audience in a manner which ensures comprehension of the material being taught.  The level of interaction you had with the class and the questions being asked, addressed many "what if" scenarios and at least allowed me to ponder past the surface of the issues being presented.  I haven't written positive feedback in the past, however I felt compelled to let you know how much I appreciated the depth and breadth of your expertise and how freely you were willing to share the benefit of your knowledge with me.

Brenda J. Gordon
Certified Circuit Civil and
County Court Mediator
St. Petersburg, FL

Perry, I wanted to thank you for a truly outstanding Circuit Civil Mediation course.  Being a practicing litigator for 23 years and having been through hundreds of mediations, I thought I would not have much to learn and that I would know it all.  Wow, was I mistaken!  You have opened a whole new world for me and I have once again learned the humbling lesson of realizing how little I know.  Your course was not only informative but it was also educational in a very practical way.  The materials you have compiled over the years are a treasure trove of information to get me started and use in a new area of my practice.  The forms alone are worth every cent paid for the course.  Last, I would like to commend you on the passion you bring to the field of mediation and teaching your wonderful dispute resolution methods.  You are very lucky to have found your passion in life and it shows in every word out of your mouth.  I am very fortunate to have a teacher and mentor like you and I would recommend every practicing attorney to take your course to have their eyes opened to the world of dispute resolution.

Brian S. Fox, Esquire
Brotman Nusbaum Fox
Boca Raton, FL

Perry, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful training sessions.  While I must admit that I was dreading “sitting in the chair” for 40 hours, you made it fun and enjoyable.  Not only do I think I received excellent training that will hopefully make me to be an excellent mediator, I also believe the training skills will help me in my practice as a commercial litigator.  If I knew how much I would learn during the Circuit Civil Mediation training, I would have taken it much earlier in my legal career.  Many thanks!

Kelly Overstreet Johnson, Esquire
Past President
The Florida Bar (2004-05)

Broad and Cassel
Tallahassee, FL

I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to all forms of legal education courses because most courses usually fail to balance the theoretical knowledge of an area of law with the practical application of that knowledge.  Perry's course was the exception:  a solid foundation in the theories of conflict resolution with a great deal of practical experience to put those theories into use.  You should take this course even if you have no plans to actively practice mediation; you'll be a better lawyer because of it.

Manuel Farach, Esquire
Richman Greer, P.A.
West Palm Beach, FL

Perry's course is outstanding.  As a corporate lawyer who was urged by my litigation partners to become a mediator for complex business disputes, I was concerned that the course would be boring.  It was not!  The course was excellent and Perry brought mediation to life in his unique way.  I highly recommend this course.

William A. Grimm, Esquire
Gray Robinson
Orlando, FL

After 40 years of law practice, I can say without equivocation that your 5 day Circuit Civil Training Seminar was the most stimulating, well taught, information packed and non-stop exciting 5 days I have ever spent, especially in an educational atmosphere.

Laurence E. Sturtz, Esquire
Bonita Springs, FL

Perry, I truly enjoyed your course. It was, without a doubt, the single best educational experience of my professional career. At the beginning of law school, we were told that we would be taught “how to think like a lawyer,” not how to BE a lawyer. I believe that your course, which combined the “nuts and bolts” (i.e., rules of ethics, procedures, etc.), exceptional practical advice and discussion, and very useful practice forms have not only shown us how to “think like a mediator,” but how to BE a mediator. In addition, the class was just plain fun. We had a wonderful group of individuals from diverse backgrounds (former judges, plaintiff and defense attorneys, in-house attorneys, etc.) which served to highlight very effectively the potential benefits and pitfalls of various mediation styles. Finally, your patience and humor were the icing on the cake.

I am very excited about what I learned, and am looking forward to putting it into practice.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

John P. Dempsey, Esquire
Employment Practices Professionals, LLC
Windermere, FL

Perry, I want congratulate you on providing me with a very thorough, entertaining and, most importantly, educating course on what mediation should be.  You cleared up the misconceptions, rumors and distortions involved in my views about the subject.  Your sense of humor has been finely tuned and you managed to, very successfully I might add, make this course enjoyable.  The course is obviously a must for those who want to follow in your footsteps and become mediators, but I think it should also be taken by those whose practice has them attending mediations a significant amount of time.  You learn to become a mediator and also become a better lawyer attending mediation conferences.

Dieter "Nick" K. Gunther, Esquire
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I first took Family Mediation Training and then Circuit Civil Mediation Training from Perry.  The Family Mediation Training was superb and, as everyone else has noted, Perry's style makes it fun and very educational.  When I signed up for the Circuit Civil training I thought it would be a repetitive, mirror image of the Family training.  Was I ever wrong!  Yes, there are some areas that overlap but they are important areas and I found that hearing them a second time helped me sharpen my focus and understanding.  But for the most part, the Circuit Civil training was unique and absorbing and absolutely useful.

I would recommend only Perry to anyone who is interested in mediation training.

Toni A. Butler, Esquire
Toni A. Butler, P.A.
Naples, FL

I haven't learned this much theory and practical information since law school!  Perry packs the Circuit Civil Mediator's Training course with theory while still creating lively discussion about real world problems then allows for dissection of them in a thought provoking and eye-opening way.  The mediation simulations were the high point proving both complicated and fun to play out.  The seminar time flew by.  I highly recommend Perry's course.

H. Jacey Kaps, Esquire
Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell
Miami, FL

I recommend Perry's course to any litigator who is interested in becoming a mediator or simply wants to become a more effective advocate for clients at mediation.  Perry's intimate knowledge of effective communication skills and human dynamics provides some deep insights into maximizing the mediation process, whether you're there as a mediator or as an advocate.  Additionally, his style and manner make the training truly a pleasure.  Thumbs up!!

Paul O. Lopez, Esquire
Tripp Scott, P.A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you have any interest in becoming a certified family mediator, TAKE THIS TRAINING - YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!  I make this recommendation with such enthusiasm, because it was honestly by far the best training course that I have ever taken.  The content was right on target, being well organized and thoroughly interesting.  As such, it was amazing that my attention was gained and maintained throughout the entire five days of training.  Other students expressed the same sentiment.

I significantly attribute this also to Perry Itkin’s delivery of this content.  That is, he is truly one of the most genuine individuals that I have encountered.  It is quite obvious that he has a passion not only for being a family mediator and for ensuring that his students receive the highest quality learning experience, but also for people.  In his class, I knew that he sincerely cared for each.  His passion and concern made me in turn develop a great passion and concern for adhering to the highest ethical standards that have been put in place to govern the mediation process.  His helpful feedback of my role-playing exercise made me feel that I can serve as an effective mediator and that I can help to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Because of all of these factors, I felt compelled to write to Perry after the training to let him know:  “I just wanted to write to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed your course.  Sometimes there are experiences that we have that we shall remember for a lifetime as well as people who we meet who have on us an unforgettable influence.  I wanted to let you know that both your course and you have made on me just such an impact!”

Renée Stout, Ph.D.
Oviedo, FL

Perry Itkin is truly a master at mediation certification training.  His instructional style is such that we covered every subject in his extremely well-designed training materials in a manner that created a definite sense of "I can't believe I have sitting in a classroom for five straight days.  Where did the time go?"  Perry is very good at eliciting students' personal and professional life experiences via which he taught the class.  There were guest speakers and a great series of "role-plays" that were very professionally critiqued.  My class was comprised of roughly an even mix of attorneys and mental health professionals.  It was interesting to see that everyone seemed to be suffering from "postpartum" blues as the class dispersed on Sunday evening.  Be prepared to do homework at night!  Overall - a very rewarding educational experience.  Thank you Perry Itkin!

Frank D. Zilaitis, Esquire
Frank D. Zilaitis, P.A.
Melbourne, FL

Perry's mediation training was informative, insightful, educational and entertaining all at the same time.  The Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation has mandatory mediation and it is very pleased with the training Perry has provided.  As a new mediator, I was impressed with Perry's professional and human approach to teaching the process of mediation.  As an attorney and as a person I have learned much from his training seminar (and my wife appreciates the benefits also).  The participation exercises were valuable and I would highly recommend Perry's mediation training to anyone that wants to learn how to properly and ethically mediate cases.

Aaron F. McGee, Esquire
Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation
Baton Rouge, LA

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your recent Circuit Civil Mediation training seminar in Naples.  Aside from the invaluable information that you imparted, I was struck by your ability to communicate.  We see and hear great speakers everyday and everywhere, but great communicators are rare.  It has all to do with the ability to listen, which is a gift, and you have it.  Thank you for sharing and communicating.

Bill Donovan, Esquire
William A. Donovan, P.A.
Naples, FL

This was the best CLE I ever attended.  It was an eye opener and I would encourage all attorneys to attend this Circuit Civil mediation training, even if they do not intend to seek certification.  The things learned would be helpful to any practitioner.

Daniel R. Lozier, Esquire
Lozier, Thames & Frazier P.A.
Pensacola, FL

Perry Itkin is a wonder!  His 40 hour class is comprehensive and life-changing.  Within hours of its completion I was already utilizing new skills in my psychotherapy practice.  He is a "teacher" in every sense of the word.  He brings the necessary information to life!  One gets the sense that "this is different" and that "this is productive."  I have, as have we all, attended many classes for CEU's.  The knowledge gained is helpful, but all too often forgotten with the first night's sleep.  Not so here.  You will remember because you will experience.  Mr. Itkin takes learning to a new level.  He is authentic and knows the systems involved.  He is sensitive to the needs of each of his students and seeks to meet each need.  If you want a mediation training, you are getting the best and most thorough learning experience with Mr. Perry Itkin.

Marcia Z. Cherniachovsky, LCSW
Private Practice
Tamarac, FL

I am writing to express my delight that I was able to participate in your mediation training as I found it informative and entertaining thanks to you.  Your staff was very helpful to me as they answered any questions or concerns that I had during the initial enrollment period.  The professionalism that I received from yourself and your support staff helped me make the decision to attend your training and it was well worth it.  THANK YOU.

Stanley M. Weston, Esquire
Moseley Prichard Parrish Knight & Jones
Jacksonville, FL

Perry Itkin is a dedicated instructor who obviously loves his subject and loves to teach.  The evident completeness of the instruction gives confidence to a beginning mediator.  This is the best professional training course I've taken.

Gerry S. Gibson, Esquire
Tequesta, FL

By the time we had finished our five days together, I knew I had experienced something totally different, and more fulfilling, than any CLE training I have had since I began practicing law over 20 years ago.  The combination of substantive, procedural and ethical education, and clinical simulation training produced a much better understanding of the entire process that we, perhaps overly simply, call family mediation.  All aspects of the training were geared towards helping us analyze the values and real interests our mediation clients have, as well as helping us analyze our ethical obligations.  You helped us help each other discover our own inherent strengths and weaknesses as mediators.

Paul D. Newnum, Esquire
Past Co-Chair, Executive Council
Family Law Committee, Orange County Bar Association
Winter Park, FL

Your command of the subject matter, technique and style, and that unabashed enthusiasm, really made this five day experience both professionally and personally rewarding for me.  The way you blended together the ethics with practical application, without ever compromising at any time the former, sends a message not only to the lawyers you trained, but the four non-lawyers as well.   You drew a standing ovation!

Alan C. (Peter) Brandt, Jr., Esquire
Past President, Broward County Bar Association
Ferencik Libanoff Brandt and Bustamante, P.A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I took Perry's mediation training because I think every litigator needs a solid basis in alternative dispute resolution, even at the appellate level.  The course helped me understand human dynamics in a litigation setting and how to effectively address litigants' needs and concerns while attempting to find a mutually acceptable solution.  Perry is an outstanding instructor.  I highly recommend the course.

Nancy W. Gregoire, Esquire
Past President, Broward County Bar Association
Kirschbaum, Birnbaum, Lippman & Gregoire, PLLC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I recently retired as a judge from the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, Illinois.  During my 23 years as a judge, I participated in hundreds of mediation related conferences to assist the parties in the settlement of their cases.  Additionally, I have been teaching arbitration for the past ten years on behalf of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Arbitration Program.  As a result of my extensive mediation experience, I felt very confident in my ability to mediate civil disputes until I took Perry Itkin’s mediation training.  His course is on a level well above any legal training that I have ever received.  This organized program, with a practical approach, taught important mediation techniques and strategies. Perry is a professional and considerate instructor with critical mediation information for all future and current mediators.

The Honorable John G. Laurie
Retired Circuit Court Judge
Circuit Court of Cook County, IL

I am a clinical psychologist who took Perry Itkin's mediation training course. The seminar provided me with valuable material so that I could mediate effectively and confidently.  In addition, the training helped me to hone my skills as a clinical psychologist.  I would highly recommend this mediation seminar with Perry Itkin because of his knowledge in the field of mediation and his unwavering commitment to provide students with a comprehensive mediation training seminar.

Kathy Lawson, Ph.D.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

You are truly a great teacher with a professionalism that is beyond words and made this course not just a learning experience but fun and enjoyable.  You care about people which came through every minute of our class and must make you a superb mediator.  I will never forget what you taught me and I want you to know that, beyond what you taught about mediation, you have given me a new outlook about dealing with people which will also make me a better lawyer.  Thank you, and I will always remember the phrase "that's one choice".  You are the only choice for mediation training.

Sandra Lax, Esquire
Member, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Lax & Truax, LLC
Fairfield, CT

The mediation training I received from Perry Itkin was comprehensive and easily applicable to my practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Parent Coordinator.  I found his humorous style and expertise worked together to provide an interesting, engaging and enjoyable learning experience.  I would recommend Perry to anyone interested in pursuing mediation training.

Sloane Veshinski, LMFT, CAP
The Sloane Center, Inc.
Hollywood, FL

Perry Itkin’s informative approach to teaching was accented by his delightful sense of humor, which allowed for a very intensive program to become an upbeat learning environment.  Even though time passed too quickly, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge.  Terrific!!!

Constance A. Stegall, LMFT
Center for Life Transitions
Cape Coral, FL

Thank you for a wonderful learning experience!  I now feel empowered to become the best mediator I can be.  Throughout the course, I felt a sense of caring from you for everyone in our group.  It was obvious to me that you wanted us all to learn about the mediation process and how we could become first rate mediators.  I greatly appreciated your organized, professional lesson plan, your war stories, your work book, your mind exercises, your sense of humor, your positive attitude, your snacks, your respectful attitude towards all of us, your graciousness and your love for the process and people.  I will recommend you and your course to everyone.

Pamela M. Bress, Esquire
Melbourne, FL

Wow! What an experience!  Thank you for such a truly inspiring learning process.  You taught us how a well-trained mediator can empower the participants to make their own decisions and craft their own resolution to their dispute.  You have given my career a renewed sense of purpose, and for this I cannot thank you enough.

Mayra I. Colón, Esquire
Colón Partners, P.A.
Boca Raton, FL

I feel very fortunate to have taken Perry Itkin's Mediation Certification Training Course.  Perry's style and demeanor, together with the valuable knowledge that he shared with all of us, make him, I believe, the very best mediator trainer in the state.  What I learned in his course has been of immeasurable value to me in my work as a mediator.  I would recommend Perry to anyone who has any desire to become a certified mediator.  It is best to learn from the best.

Scott J. Topolski, Esquire
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP
Boca Raton, FL